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Incomplete pinmap for Nucleo-F103RB (PinMap_PWM)

Hi, I am posting here instead of "platforms discussions" since there is no Nucleo-F103 section.

I would like to use PC_6 through PC_9 as PWM pins, how do I change the pinmap to make this possible? What do the suffix "fr" and "pr" mean in TIM2fr_CH2 & TIM3pr_CH1 respectively?


static const PinMap PinMap_PWM[] = {
    // TIM2 full remap
    {PB_3,  PWM_2, STM_PIN_DATA(GPIO_Mode_AF_PP, 5)}, // TIM2fr_CH2 - ARDUINO D3
    // TIM3 partial remap
    {PB_4,  PWM_3, STM_PIN_DATA(GPIO_Mode_AF_PP, 7)}, // TIM3pr_CH1 - ARDUINO D5
    // TIM4 default
    {PB_6,  PWM_4, STM_PIN_DATA(GPIO_Mode_AF_PP, 0)}, // TIM4_CH1 - ARDUINO D10    
    {NC,    NC,    0}

Thanks Ashwin

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I am actually adding all missing PWM pins. It will be on GitHub next week and later on mbed.org but I can't tell you when exactly. The "fr" means "Full Remap" and "pr" means "Partial Remap".

See the product reference manual for more informations about alternate-functions and IOs remapping: http://www.st.com/st-web-ui/static/active/en/resource/technical/document/reference_manual/CD00171190.pdf

Thanks and regards.

Hi bco stm, This is great, thanks very much.

Regards, Ashwin

posted by Ashwin Vijayakumar 19 Apr 2014