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LPCXpresso export for LPC1768 not working?

A while back I was able to export to LPCXpresso for my LPC1768 project.

Now all I get is a message from the online compiler which says:

"Unsupported Toolchain"

Any ideas?

A few other people seem to be having a similar problem for other targets. Is the online export broken?


Idem here, this morning I was able to export my LPC1768 code to LPCXpresso, this afternoon this no longer works (I get 'unsupported Toolchain').

I tried this with a fresh example program and both in beta and non-beta mode of the user interface.

Could somebody from mbed please take a look at this please?

posted by Lieven Hollevoet 29 Apr 2014

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Are you still having this problem? Is the program public or private? What OS and browser combo? Seems to be working here using Windows 7 and Chrome.

9 years, 1 month ago.

Same here. And what is the progress on CooCox export? It shows up greyed out, so obviously there is plans to support this.