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Does it support our local nRF51822 kit?

I have a revised nRF51822 kit, which has nRF51822 SoC + MPU6050 + CP2102 (USB). The major design follows Nordic in every detail. And I also can use K20 based CMSIS-DAP debugger to access its debugger in Keil. Perfect?


However, I can not find enough support for this BLE board.

It's a pity, since BLE requires massive support, including firmware and APP for iPhone. (Since BLE has not enough support from Android, so Android APK has to be waited....)

If mBed can support, at least we don't have to buy an expensive license from Keil. Most of the applications will be bigger than 32KB allowed in EV version.

Anyone who is interested in this board, I can help out.

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The nRF51822-mKIT is a low cost ARM mbed enabled development board for Bluetooth® Smart designs with the nRF51822 SoC. The kit gives access to all GPIO pins via pin headers …

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this BLE board is support.

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How? Can you tell me the details?

posted by youyou yu 11 Apr 2014
7 years, 3 months ago.

What BLE support are you looking for? The 51822 SDK and Soft Device are not enough for you?

Could you load the 51822 examples and flash one into this board?

You must be a guru of nordic.

I am looking for open source projects for nRF51822 besides to the existing commercial toolchain, aka, open source project with free compiler and low cost debugger.

compiler: mbed compiler + Cxx runtime libraries + nRF API debugger: CMSIS-DAP, with programmer client projects: demo firmware as well as APP source (another part)

I bought one kit for evaluation, but I found that I should have invested more to evaluate it.

APP development based upon OSX JLINK USB dongle to debug Keil Pro?

Since 51822 has 128/256KB ROM, does Keil 32KB EV version is enough for 128KB? Or maybe user application is usually small, and less than 32KB to be flash into user ROM?

I doubted Keil Lite is not enough, so mbed compiler is preferred.

Since 51822 has no bootloader, I have to flash it with SWD interface. I am trying to load it with CMSIS-DAP + pyOCD. CMSIS-DAP is well supported, but it lacks of programmer client. I know SDK support JLINK, but I have no idea if it support CMSIS-DAP.

For programming, that's enough.

posted by Kai Liu 17 Apr 2014

nRF Studio could flash your hex onto 51822.

posted by Vincent Gao 17 Apr 2014

BTW: you could not use dongle for iOS App development any more. Simulator's gone after iOS 7. Keil EV is never good enough for a Bluetooth application. That's why we use mbed.

posted by Vincent Gao 18 Apr 2014