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How to make an LPC11U24 go into ISP mode?

It seems to me that my LPC11U24 has gone into CRP mode. I need to recover it. I found this http://mbed.org/cookbook/Unbricking and followed the steps mentioned there but had no success. What the wiki page tells us to do to unbrick the device is to make it enter another mode called the ISP mode by grounding a pin (called the ISP pin) and keeping it grounded as it is reset. But doing so doesn't make it enter ISP mode. As I could infer from the wiki (though I am not very sure about it), when in ISP mode the MBED won't be available as a flash drive to the OS but as a COM device only. There's a whole chapter on CRP in the manual for the board http://www.nxp.com/documents/user_manual/UM10462.pdf | Chapter 20. But it would be better if someone knows the fix. Has anyone else faced the same issue and solved it?

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9 years ago.

I have the same problem. Does anyone knows how to enter ISP mode? Thanks in advance

9 years ago.

I am assuming you are using the Yellow MBED,

I have followed the instructions and it DID work,

bit fiddly, powering up MBED with jumper wire attached, but I just used my glamorous assistant for that :)



9 years ago.

P0_1 (Pin no 5 on the LQFP64 on the yellow mbed) should be low during reset. Then if P0_3 (Pin no 19 on the LQFP64) is LOW = UART ISP If P0_3 is HIGH during reset = USB ISP - Using USB Pins directly enumerating af flash-drive.

Both works like a charm.