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Bluetooth/wireless data transfer

Hi All

Im looking for a device that can wirelessly transmit data between two mbed lcp1768 boards without the use of a computer.

Im making wireless timing gates for my university project and im struggling to connect the two boards together.

I have a 433Mhz wireless kit from ebay for arduino boards but i cant seem to find how to set it up.


Does anyone have any information on these kits or on how to program them? if not is there an alternative kit that will do the same job?

Sorry if this is a simple question you have heard plenty of times before.

Thanks for your time


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Hi Mat This will help you with a simple solution. Good luck with your project. http://uk.mouser.com/rf-digital-rfduino Jim

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You may find Bluetooth more tricky to set up, expensive and perhaps an overkill, you could try these:


Very cheap and available here:


Or Xbee more expensive:


The xbee's work out the box and will send/receive data without any set up in their default configuration (normally). Simple serial connection, run at about 45mA send/receive with low power standby of around 5uA.

Hi thanks for the replies.

The first transceiver looks great. Would it be as simple as using the code that is provided and it will automatically send the data to the other mbed if it is listening for the data?

Sorry if this is a simple answer but i am quite new to programming.

Thanks again


posted by Mat Wilson 06 Apr 2014

Without actually trying, it looks like the example code sends data from one transceiver to another. so if you have two of these set up's the same you should be able to send data back and forth. If it works you could then modify the example code to suit your needs.

posted by Paul Staron 06 Apr 2014