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mbed sdk and eclipse and Ti's TM4C123GXL board

I want to start use the ti board with eclipse and mbed sdk. is it possible? I think that the board has an M4 microcontroller. The online compiler supports M4 for a specific board (ST Nucleo F401RE). How can i install embed sdk to eclipse in order to work with it? Is this possible? Is there any guide?

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You would have to port the entire mbed lib first. As you say the core isn't the issue, all ARM microcontroller cores are supported. But every manufacturer has its own timers, pwm units, UARTs, etc. And additionally also the amounts of RAM and FLASH memory, clock code, etc. And that you would need to port manually.

There is some explanation regarding that: http://mbed.org/handbook/mbed-SDK-porting, but take into account it is alot of work.

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i found this http://mbed.org/users/mbed_official/code/mbed-src-program/ is it possible to use it as a lib. In order to make a c++ project with this lib added? Why do i feel that i miss a lot of thing. Otherwise mbed sdk is almost useless if you do not have the specific boards

posted by kyriakos pavlidis 26 Mar 2014

The mbed-src lib with it is the complete source code of all mbed devices. But you cannot just use it with another board, it lacks the source code for that board. It doesn't automatically work with completely different peripherals.

The mbed libs work out of the box with the boards they are intended for. They work with none to very little adjustments on other boards with the same microcontrollers and no special stuff (at most you need to modify the clock setup). They work with little adjustments on different microcontrollers from the same series (LPC11u24 and LPC11u35 for example): Mainly some memory stuff needs to be modified. Then you got different microcontrollers from the same manufacturer. For them a complete new target needs to be added, but generally manufacturers re-use many peripherals, so you can re-use the code for them.

Finally you got a completely different microcontroller from a different manufacturer, and that's what you got. And then everything has to be written starting at zero.

posted by Erik - 26 Mar 2014