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Nucleo F401RE: RX/TX STDIO6 : 2 Locations ?

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Referring to the image of pinout ( 2nd picture ), Could someone explain as to what the difference is between Rx/Tx STDIO6 ( PA12/11) and the RX STDIO6/ TXSTDIO6( PC7/6) ?

I am confused because both labelled as STDIO6.

Are they the same serial port or different ? How and when do we use it ?

I have tried both RX STDIO1/TX STDIO1( PA_10/_9) and TX/RX STDIO2( PA_2/_3) and my understanding is that these are serial port 1 & 2 and both work.

No duplication and I understand that.

Thanks for any explaination.

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Hmm they should have been called Serial instead of stdio, only the one connecting to the STLink used to debug to PC should be stdio.

Anyway assuming it is correct and not a typo (and I assume it is correct): the difference is that one is pins pa11/12, the others are pins pc6/p7 ;). It is one peripheral, but it can be connected to either the first set, or the second set of pins. You can't use both at the same time though.

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