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Code conversion

I am using an MBED to prototype a project.

What happens after I have a successful prototype program: Will I be able to use my code on a standard LPC1768 chip (circuit board mounted) or will I need to rewrite all my code without the mbed libraries?

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Hi Quinton, maybe this will help you, check it out:



Accepted Answer

Thank you. Am I missing something? Would it not be possible to download directly to the target LPC1768 using the computer serial port and flashmagic.exe or similar program?

posted by Quinton Wideman 21 Jan 2013

You can convert the bin file that the mbed compiler produces, convert that to a hex file and use flashmagic to download to your own target LPC1768. Just note that will not have any features provided by the mbed interface chip (eg local file, Serialnumber, MAC address and some others). Depending on your hardware the ethernet PHY is also not available.

posted by Wim Huiskamp 21 Jan 2013