5 years, 5 months ago.

mbed on other packages (stm32f030f4 TSSOP-20)

I have a TSSOP-20 stm32f030f4 here mounted on a protoboard with a 8Mhz crystal and a 3.3volt regulator. I've got it attached to a nucleo st-link via SWD, and I am able to flash an LED using straight C.

I cannot, however, get it to work with mbed. What does it take to get mbed working on the smaller package MCUs?

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5 years, 5 months ago.

The package itself is (obviously) not the issue. I would guess the difference is the amount of flash and SRAM memory. As far as I am aware flash shouldn't matter, of course as long as it fits: unless you manually changed something only the flash at the beginning will be used.

However part of the SRAM usage starts at the end of the SRAM, if your device has less, it won't work. It is defined in one of the files, but I wouldn't know how to fix it exactly.