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Serial stopped working

I have been struggling for a little while, because I have some code, for my 3D printer that has suddenly stopped working !!

The issue is defiantly not due to Software/firmware changed because the code in my MBED (in 3D printer) has not changed in more than 6 months !!

as the board never gets re-flashed.

and the terminal type interface also has not changed.

and I have also tested it on 3 other P.C.'s !!!!!!

The most annoying thing is that it was working very well, running for many hours, without fault.

now I am lucky to get more than 20 seconds of communication.

I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem ?

Is anyone aware of an XP AND Severn update that might be to blame ? I am not 100% sure, but I think I had an update (XP) about a 3 days before this happened.

Even more annoying, I have a similar program that works fine.

I am wondering if there has been a marginal timing change in windows ? or security change .. clutching at straws hear ..



Some development photos:

The Original with MBED: /media/uploads/ceri/original_3d_electronics.jpg

My Development PCB: /media/uploads/ceri/new_3d_electronics.jpg

how are you protecting the circuit. how long have you use it, can you provide pictures or something

posted by oscar rodriguez 19 Mar 2014
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