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Programming mbed with Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I plan to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which supports the USB Host OTG, so my question is, can I download FW to the mbed with SGNote 3?

Someone who tried it?

Thanks for your replies.

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Programming a mbed target should be fine on Galaxy as the compiler is web based and on the client side requires only a web browser. Provided you have taken care of the firmware upgrade first (on a windows based host). The only constraint I would worry about is the power for the mbed board. The USB port on the Galaxy might not be able to provide sufficient power.

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It depends on the mbed device. Most support only Windows for downloading firmware. Android is Linux and in my dual boot Vista/Debian PC I can not put the firmware to my mbed device when using Debian. I can map mbed device as flash drive but hook in the mbed device does not go to flash mode.

I don't know about the Seeeduino Arch, which uses directly a bootloader mode of the target microcontroller. But most others, which use an interface IC, should work fine on linux. Updating the firmware of the interface IC sometimes requires a windows PC, but programming it should work fine on any PC, and also in principle on tablets with USB host. (There is obviously a reason the compiler was made to work on tablets, that would be a bit pointless if you couldn't program an mbed with it).

I cannot say for certain it would work for Martin's devices on the Galaxy note, but I do know it is not true that most only support windows for programming.

posted by Erik - 16 Mar 2014

The firmware download capability is not exclusive to Windows, even on the boards that use the built in NXP mass storage bootloader. I have programmed several different boards with my Mac, including the Seeedstudio Arch. When you use the built in NXP mass storage bootloader on a Unix derived system like Linux or OSX, you need to overwrite the firmware.bin file instead of copying a new file. The only thing I have seen that requires Windows are the firmware update utilities for the onboard bootloader from Freescale and ST (updating the bootloader hardware, not the target device). I am a little surprised there isn't a cookbook page explaining this.

posted by Greg Steiert 16 Mar 2014