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HDK lpc11u35/501 CMSIS-DAP Firmware Flashing Problem


I've had two boards manufacture that use the MBED HDK to program an LPC1768 also both boards have identical hardware. I can get both boards LPC11U35s to enter their ISP USB programming mode and are displayed in windows explorer as mass storage devices. However when I copy the CMSIS firmware onto the boards only one of them seems to program. I've checked the pcb and as far as I can see everything is correct.

The one difference I've found is that the LPC11U35s seem to have different numbers.

Working board LPC11U35 11U35 42 05 3042A50

Failed to program board LPC11U35 11U35 16 03 4012A50

On the board that appears to not program after I reset the board, when I press the mbed bootloader button the blue led lights.

OS used for programming: Win7 Pro

Is this the cause of the problem the different part numbers? Secondly are there any test programs I can use to verify the integrity of the LPC11U35 devices.

Another thought could the LPC11U35 be faulty and therefore not program correctly?

I'm very much now out of my depth and understanding so any help would be very much appreciated.

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6 years, 9 months ago.

If you have access to the UART pins for ISP you could read the device ID and a whole lot more. http://www.nxp.com/documents/user_manual/UM10360.pdf Section 32.7

Hi Sam, thanks for the suggestion unfortunately i didn't bring the ISP pins out on a header. I think maybe a blinky led test program might help to confirm that the device programs. As i only have an LPC1768 device can only access the online ide is the code generated for LPC1768 compatible with LPC11U35 ?

posted by Rob Cawsey 26 Feb 2014

Can you add the LPC11U35 to your device list and try that?

posted by Sam Grove 26 Feb 2014

Thanks again for the help Sam, I believe the problem might be down to the wrong LPC11U35 having been used however looking at the numbers on the device it's hard to say.

posted by Rob Cawsey 27 Feb 2014