11 years, 2 months ago.

mbed must be disconnected from 3pi before powering on

With my mbed on my 3pi, connected to pc usb, I compile & load OK, but have to do it with the 3pi turned OFF.

Then I have to disconnect it before turning the 3pi on. Otherwise the robot goes nuts or the lcd gets messed up.

For the usb rpc examples I go thru this and then reconnect the 3pi. It usually works fine then.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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11 years, 2 months ago.

Hi Bo,

This is not expected behaviour. You should be able to compile, download and reset the mbed while it is plugged into the 3pi, with the 3pi switched on.

Can you describe your hardware set up? I assume it is the standard m3pi?

We did experiment with a ribbon cable that would enable the mbed to flash the AVR on-board the 3pi, but abandoned that as it caused unexpected reset behaviour. Do you have this cable in place.

Lastly, when you are seeing this behaviour, do you have any terminal applications open, assuming you are using the USB serial? If so, does closing an then terminal application help?

Thanks, Chris

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