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ST Nucleo F103RB - Where is CAN support

The Nucleo description makes a point of CAN Bus interface in the features. However, the device.h for the F103 does not feature

- #define DEVICE_CAN 1

So the compiler does not think the device has CAN.

Does anyone know if or when CAN support will be added to the F103RB Nucleo board?

Regards Chris

It would really be good to get a comment on this from mbed support. The F103RB is perfect for me except that I need CAN - the hardware supports it, so why not the library?

posted by Andy Pomfret 03 Mar 2014

Hi Andy,

I posted again as i did not get a response first time round. It was pointed out to me that it just needs someone to write the link layer between the mbed standard interface and the ST libraries. I'm looking into it but there is a lot of reading to do first so no idea if or when i will get round to it.

Like you, i'm a bit fustrated and a little confused as to why ST make a point of the F103 Nucleo having CAN but did not just do this coding themselves to start with. Surely the whole point of the Nucleo is to introduce ST processors to people and showcase what they can do.

Regards Chris

posted by Chris Smith 03 Mar 2014

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5 years, 9 months ago.

Hello, I would also like to use the CAN bus. The software is largely in place, but it still lacks small things. I get in can.h an error : "can_t _can;" because can_t is not yet defined in objects.h. Any help I would be happy.

best regards Reinhold