8 years ago.

send file from lpc1768 to known pc location


new to coding, I am reading a few values and writing it to a local file! I want to transfer the file to a known location in pc, is it possible for the mbed kit to send file using USB? Advice on how to do it?

Regards, Manants

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7 years, 12 months ago.

Hi Manas,

You can use the LocalFileSystem to write your file. You should then be able to see this file in the mbed USB disk. You can drag and drop it into your computer.

Is it what you need?

Cheers, Sam

This I have done! Currently writing to local file system! And then doing drag and drop! I want the file written to local file system to be sent to the PC which is powering the MBED kit through usb, once file is written. Any links/ suggestions?

posted by Manas Savkoor 19 Jan 2013

@Samuel, I want to replace manual drag and drop with auto movement of file to say desktop!

posted by Manas Savkoor 14 Mar 2013