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no output for hello world on hyperterminal

i coded the same "hello world " program given on the site..but was unable to get the output in the hyperterminal.. what could be the problem.plz sugget..asap the codes which i used were http://mbed.org/handbook/Serial ... the first code on the page and also the first code in the "EXAMPLES" Trying to see my output via hyper terminal in windows XP……I installed the driver software too...

plz if possible can you make a video of it.. coz i m not able to understand where we are going.. i have the project review this week..

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10 years, 3 months ago.

Have you setup the correct baudrate?

yes.. i have set 9600..

posted by ritika krishna 20 Feb 2014
10 years, 3 months ago.

Which driver did you install? Are you connecting to the correct COM port?

And why are suddenly several people from what looks like the same area asking literally the same question? You only get slower answers when you start asking duplicate questions.

the one given here https://mbed.org/handbook/SerialPC... the terimal was set accordingly stated here

posted by ritika krishna 20 Feb 2014

Accordingly stated where? I don't have Hyperterminal, but at least if you use Teraterm the correct com port is labeled "mbed".

posted by Erik - 20 Feb 2014
10 years, 3 months ago.

Erik- i have windows xp and hyper terimal is already installed in there.. when i installed the windows driver...i could see the com port labelled as "mbed" (com 3) in driver manager.. now after dumping the program

#include "mbed.h"
 Serial device(p9, p10);  // tx, rx
 int main() {
 device.printf("Hello World\n");

and completing all the connection(null modem connection with max232 and also used IC 7805 (voltage regulator for max232 as a battery of 9v is being used as a power supply)) when i use the hyperterminal to see the output "hello world" i m not able to get it... i have been doing this from the last 3 days but failed in every attempt... i dont know what is going wrong here... plz do help..

PC Serial is intended for communication via the integrated USB <> Serial bridge! Not via a seperate RS232 port. That is also possible, but that will be a different com port (and larger chance on errors).

Replace p9 and p10 by USBTX and USBRX. If you then have your mbed plugged in your PC via the USB cable, you should again have the com port labelled mbed, and that one should receive the messages.

posted by Erik - 20 Feb 2014