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no debug unit found error in mbed NXP LPC1768,KEIL,

After exporting program from mbed online compiler to keil uvision and building the program there, when I am pressing load I am getting the error no debug unit found error( AGDI CORTEX M ERROR) pressing the ok button of which I get flash download failed target dll cancelled.

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8 years, 5 months ago.

1. Did you update firmware? http://mbed.org/handbook/Firmware-LPC1768-LPC11U24
2. Did you install VCP Driver?
3. Did you choose CMSIS-DAP as debug adapter on MDK-ARM?

I did not do the last two. How to and where to(PC/board) install the VCP driver? How can I choose CMSIS-DAP as debug adapter on MDK-ARM?

posted by albert dane 19 Feb 2014

about step2
When you connect your updated mbed first time, you can see driver will automatically installed. (at least on Windows 7)
Did you see this? (Sorry, mine is Japanese version)

about step3
right click on your project name... (in this case, "mbed NXP...")

So, you can see "Options". On this window, you need to choose "Debug" tab.
On debug tab, you can choose debug adapter. You need to choose "CMSIS-DAP Debugger" and press "Settings".

If your mbed alredy found as CMSIS-DAP debugger, you can see like this.

If not, checkout step 1 and 2.

posted by Yoshihiro TSUBOI 19 Feb 2014

Sir when I am connecting the updated mbed first time in windows it is getting automatically installed but I am not seeing http://mbed.org/media/uploads/ytsuboi/driver-install.png (not even in english!)

In the debug tab, I see CMSIS-DAP Debugger already chosen but on pressing setting gives "The selected device has no configuration option."

posted by albert dane 20 Feb 2014

Sir I had done this. In device manager view I can see it has been recognized a serial port -mbed serial port(com20). even then the problem persists. Sir I have attached the screen shots of the errors, driver setups and the device manager in the answer.

posted by albert dane 21 Feb 2014
6 years, 11 months ago.

i have the same probleme please any help !!!!!!!

5 years, 11 months ago.

As Yoshihiro said works perfectly, thanks!!!

6 years, 10 months ago.

Do you have the solution now????? because i have the same problem... I need your answers.

i have the answer for your probleme give me your email i will send you a project you need just to mak lot of copy of this project and export it on kail

posted by dark watch 29 Sep 2015

it's done, I am waiting for your help...

posted by TAHA TRIGUI 30 Sep 2015