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what are the TMR32/16 pin for ?

Hi , what are the TMR32/16 pin for ? , My guess would be timer something ? AND does the WiFi DipCortex have any pins for PWM output ?

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WiFi DipCortex is a simple but powerful WiFi connected development board enabling you to create connected devices quickly and easily. It uses a NXP ARM Cortex M3 LPC1347 and a …

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From only looking at the code/how it is for the LPC11u24 (so might be mistaken)(and I agree this could have been clearer):

Timer matches are PWM outputs. If two pins are same timer + match, you can use only one at a time. Also don't use TMR32-1 pins, that timer is already used as timer for Timer, Ticker, Timeout, wait, etc. So if you use it for PWM those will stop working.

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Thank you ,

That sounds hopeful !!! , I only want to use a single PWM output + digital output so I can use a sound library which need them and didn`t see on the specs anything about PWMout pins

Preferably use TMR32-0 for your PWM, that is a 32-bit PWM timer, I don't think the 16-bit PWM timers of this one use the patch the 11u24 got to be able to make a larger range of periods.

posted by Erik - 18 Jan 2014
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HI Peter,

The LPC11U and LPC1347 don't actually have PWM peripherals they use the 4 timers. each timer has 4 match registers one sets the period the other 3 set a duty.

I have a guide here : http://www.soldersplash.co.uk/guides/dipcortex-pwm-pulse-width-modulation-using-a-timer/ this describes how the timer peripheral works and gives example code for LPCxpresso (should work with mbed but wont be cross platform)

When using the mbed library it uses one of the timers for various time based functions like wait.