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Factory EEPROM Value

Hey guys. Is there a factory programmed EEPROM value on the LPC11UXX, or does it just come with random contents? I want my program to be able to determine if the EEPROM is blank or not so it can load default configuration values. Unfortunately I've overwritten the EEPROM on my board several times so I can't check it myself. Thanks!

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Just ran your program. I won't copy it here, since it is a kinda long list, but everything is zero :).

posted by Erik - 07 Jan 2014

Awesome, thanks for your help!

posted by Neil Thiessen 07 Jan 2014

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You could put in a few fixed bytes in there if you put in a configuration file, so you cant find them you know it isn't there. 4 bytes already give a 1 in 4 billion chance of random bytes having that value.

I have no clue what the EEPROM value is as factory default. I would guess all zeros, or all ones, but if you can give a simple program that reads EEPROM and puts it on serial terminal I can run it, never done anything with the EEPROM of my LPC11u24.

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Here, try this: http://mbed.org/users/neilt6/code/EEPROM_Dump/

posted by Neil Thiessen 06 Jan 2014

is localfilesystem() function comaptible with this board? Please clear my doubt. thank you

posted by jayendra mishra 16 Sep 2016


posted by Erik - 17 Sep 2016