6 years, 7 months ago.

LPC4088 Start-up Problems

I am excited about the M4 on the 4088 QuickStart Board. After purchasing one, I figured to get going all there was to do was plug it. BUT...

After plugging in the board at the HDK USB interface, LED's on the board flash about 4 times, once a second, and the PC (running Windows 8.1) beeps at the same time. Eventually the flashing/beeping stops, with 4 LED's on solidly: HDK LED's blue, red and green, and User LED3.

Most importantly, there is no MBED USB drive visible in the PC flie system.

Turns out, I purchased two 4088 boards. The same thing happens with the second board. What should I do???

1 Answer

6 years, 7 months ago.

For me, I found out I used the wrong USB port. The HDK port is down by the reset switch.