8 years ago.

how to send data ,from lpc11u24 to lcd


i import example program to my lpc11u24 kit but it won't display any think and that library also does n't support can any one help me

Which library are you using, there are around 9000 forks of the TextLCD lib. Must be most forked lib in all of mbed. The best one I am aware of is: http://mbed.org/users/wim/code/TextLCD/, that one should work.

posted by Erik - 26 Dec 2013

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8 years ago.

It appears from your screenshot that the TextLCD library you are using doesn't like the constructor arguments. Open TextLCD.h and look to see what argument list the constructor expects.

The code you have above looks like it should work with the official library. I have similar code in my program for mbed lpc11u24 and it is working fine.

Looking closer at the compiler error, it may be complaining about not having a LCD20x4 member. Look again at TextLCD.h for an enumeration of display types.

posted by Dave Van Wagner 29 Dec 2013
mani kandan
8 years ago.

can you please send your library for lcd display

i loaded this library but still its not working.it display cmsis.h 35 error. what should i do

posted by mani kandan 30 Dec 2013

Check the version of your mbed library. See


posted by Dave Van Wagner 30 Dec 2013