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Ethernet connection without Router?

How is it possible to connect to the router with mbed over PC's ethernet socket instead of connecting mbed directly to the router? Tcp_Socket program works great, but I need to have a success if there is just wireless connection that I have on my PC.

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I guess this might help you:

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There are a few ways that might allow a WiFi connection, and a couple of problems that might get in the way. To get the MBED connected to a PC directly you will probably need two Ethernet cables and a switch or hub. You might get it to work with a "crossover" cable that is an Ethernet cable with the Tx and Rx pairs transposed.

If the MBED is connected to the PC you should be able to link to wireless using "internet connection sharing". I'm not certain but the procedure in XP seems to be to use the "network setup wizard", tell it that the computer connects directly to the internet, and designate the WiFi port as the internet connection. This makes the PC behave as a second router.

An alternative method might be to "bridge" the WiFi and Ethernet ports but in my experience standard wireless adapters don't appear to support bridging.

But I'm not done with win xp

posted by Ricky Matin 24 Sep 2016
Vedat A
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Thanks a lot.. Both comments were useful.. I solved it for Windows 7 by the help of the document at link..

This post helps me to solve my problem. I have also checked for solution on

posted by John Parker 19 Dec 2017

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