6 years, 3 months ago.

HDK lpc11u35_lpc1768_if_mbed.bin MBED Download File Size


Hi, I've used the attached bin to program the lpc11u35 as per the HDK which works, however I'm only able to download an image to the my LPC1768 of 169KB is this by design? It's a shame as the image I wish to download is 270KB.

Can the download size be changed?

Regards Rob

I have but it doesn't load onto the lpc11u35, I also tried downloading the PDF and it also fails to open so I wonder if the links are broken?

posted by Rob Cawsey 13 Dec 2013

I see. The firmware is for lpc11u35 interface with a mbed bootloader.

posted by Yihui Xiong 13 Dec 2013

2 Answers

Rob Cawsey
6 years, 3 months ago.

I've just compared the size of the binary files, the one downloaded from the link is on 14KB but the one i've used is 43KB insize taken from the zip of the HDK, starting to look like maybe links are broken.

Perhaps you can use the firmware of Arch Pro http://mbed.org/media/uploads/yihui/arch_pro_win8.1.bin. You can also compile your own version, The source code is on https://github.com/mbedmicro/CMSIS-DAP. Which board do you use?

posted by Yihui Xiong 13 Dec 2013

Thanks that has sorted the download size, did you build the arch_pro_win8.1.bin?

posted by Rob Cawsey 13 Dec 2013
5 years, 10 months ago.

Is it possible for some one to build this code so it fits in LPC11U35 - 401

so normal hand solder part can be used, and not the lead-less part

Thanks in advance