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How to restart mbed

A year or 2 ago I played with mbed following the examples in the book. I then had a long break and now, when I was trying to revive mbed, I don't seem to be able to run any of my old programs on it. I see some old .bin files in my mbed that by default are being opened by some audio program (VLC?) and when I open compiler, the save button is grayed out.

I don't remember what I suppose to do. Couldn't find any instructions that would be applicable to my situation and can't find any info that the beginner could use.

I appreciate any pointers. Thanks.

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7 years, 9 months ago.

VLC also uses bin files, but those are completely different, you can ignore that. That the save button is greyed out is also normal, that is only used to save files on the online compiler, not to your local mbed. For that you need to compile (ctrl+d), then as you say a window should pop-up asking you to save, unless you use build-only (ctrl+b), that only compiles but doesn't do anything else.

So it looks to me is that your browser is blocking the downloads. Can you check with another browser/PC? Which browser are you using? I have personally had with Chrome if you cancel the download once, it automatically cancels the next downloads also.

Accepted Answer

Hi Erik, I tried the "ctrl+d" within Firefox (before I was using Chrome and Explorer) and I got the window pop but I had only 2 choices: Save or Open With. Executing save didn't give me a choice where to save; it showed the file in some Download window that I couldn't do anything with, just close it. I will keep playing. Please, let me know if you have any other ideas. Thank you very much.

posted by Kris Falkowski 10 Dec 2013

I personally don't use Firefox, but it probably saves everything to a default location. You probably have a folder [username]/downloads on your PC, check if the file is there.

On IE you should get a window open - save - cancel, where besides save is a little arrow which you can use to save as. Generally I just save it to default location, then you get an option to open the folder. My download folder is sorted by last created, so from there I drag to my mbed.

posted by Erik - 10 Dec 2013

Erik, thank you very much for your post. You are right, the file was being saved automatically in default Download folder on my computer. From there it's just simple drag and drop operation into mbed. I'm sorry I didn't answer earlier, I didn't get any notifications this time about your comments. My younger friend/coworker figured it out in a few seconds, just before I read your suggestion which would lead me to resolution, I'm sure. Anyway, thank you again for the correct diagnosis. I'm on my way now with all the exciting experiments with mbed. Cheers.

posted by Kris Falkowski 12 Dec 2013
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Hi Kris, you can check this link, maybe this will help you



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Hi Ney, thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately I looked at this place but that doesn't apply to this situation. I did some more playing and found that when after compiling I should have a window pup up asking where do I want to save the file to, but this doesn't happen. And, as I mentioned, the save buttons are grayed out so there is no way I can save it to my mbed. BTW, my mbed doesn't seem to be dead because the led is lighted and the .bit files are showing up in mbed. Thanks again.

Hi Kris, have you checked the serial messages of the mbed to see what is the problem?

posted by Ney Palma 10 Dec 2013