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Keil uVision 5 - Loading directly to mbed errors

I exported my project to a zip file. I unzipped the directory I pointed Keil uVision at the uvproj file (it is looking for a uvprojx or similar extension). I successfully compiled my project. But when I hit load, I get the following error messages.

In a box titled AGDI - Cortex-M Error: c:\Keil\ARM\flash\LPC1xxx_32... "Cannot Load Flash Device Description"

Followed by: Box titled uVision "Error: Flash Download failed - "Cortex-M0"

Any hints or ideas? It looks like several things have changed in between uVision 4 and 5.

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there was a similar question which I answered. I believe you only installed uVision 5. It does not include flash algorithms. Have to download and install them separately.

Here's the previous question http://mbed.org/questions/2054/Cant-get-full-debugging-on-mbed-enabled-/