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Did something just happen to the Compiler Format Code Feature?

I normally use the Format Code button on the compiler page! This button today just started deleting my file content and it is somewhat hard to recover the content other then going back to a past revision commit. I am using this feature on Chrome browser the latest but have also now tested with Firefox the latest and both do this! This feature was working yesterday so i was just wondering if this is a know thing because i do not see others mentioning it! I would like to know if others are having this issue or is it something about my system that has just happened?

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7 years ago.

Hi All,

Thanks for reporting the issue. A hotfix was interfering with the format code behavior, which is now fixed and the functionality is fully restored.

Sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused and please let us know if you find any other issue.


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Great Job... seems to work for me!

posted by Philip Smith 01 Dec 2013
7 years ago.

Confirmed here, thats a very serious bug!

If it happens to you, make sure you don't save it.

Thanks Erik! I thought I was losing my mind. Not touching that button until someone says all ok. I just about lost a project and was freaking out but I only lost the last change I made so that was ok but still.

posted by Philip Smith 30 Nov 2013

As addition for whoever is going to track it down, it happens both in beta mode and in regular mode.

posted by Erik - 30 Nov 2013