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Cannot pair wireless keyboard with Blue SMiRF-HID Silver

I wish to utilize the Apple wireless keyboard for human input to my mbed LPC1768 project. The Apple keyboard is elegantly compact, portable and wireless using Bluetooth technology. Using Simon's RN42-HID_HelloWorld as a mbed serial pass-through between a PC w/Teraterm and a Sparkfun Blue SMiRF-HID Silver module I am able to communicate with the on-board Roving Technologies RN42-I/RM Bluetooth module loaded with HID firmware (version 6.15).



Repository: RN42-HID_HelloWorld

I am able manipulate the RN42's settings to connect/pair with several devices such as a laptop, I-pad, etc. however I have not been able to connect to the Apple wireless keyboard. I have successfully paired the Apple keyboard with a laptop running Windows. When I issue the 'IQ' inquiry command to the RN42 it 'sees' the keyboard while it is discoverable and returns it's address, name and Class of Device. However no matter how I manipulate the RN42's operating master/slave modes, authentication, profiles, etc. I have not been able to connect with the keyboard. I believe I may not have the RN42 set up correctly to connect/communicate with this HID keyboard slave device. Issuing 'C' connect commands even with the remote Bluetooth address of the keyboard stored in the remote address field result in failed connections. After trying many different combinations of settings, below is the current applied settings.

  • Ver 6.15 04/26/2013
  • (c) Roving Networks
  • *Settings*
  • BTA=00066662021A
  • BTName=RNBT-021A
  • Baudrt(SW4)=115K
  • Mode =Mstr
  • Authen=2
  • PinCod=1234
  • Bonded=0
  • Rem=109ADD93FEAB
  • *ADVANCED Settings*
  • SrvName= SPP
  • SrvClass=0000
  • DevClass=1F00
  • InqWindw=0100
  • PagWindw=0100
  • CfgTimer=255
  • StatuStr=%
  • HidFlags=9
  • DTRtimer=8
  • KeySwapr=0
  • *OTHER Settings*
  • Profile= HID
  • CfgChar= $
  • SniffEna=0
  • LowPower=0
  • TX Power=0
  • IOPorts= 0
  • IOValues=0
  • Sleeptmr=0
  • DebugMod=0
  • RoleSwch=0
  • Inquiry,T=7,COD=0
  • Found 1
  • 109ADD93FEAB,Apple Wireless Keyboard,2540
  • Inquiry Done
  • !

I would appreciate some assistance from someone familiar with the Bluetooth protocols and HID to help me out. Any suggestions?

Okay, through settings experimentation and navigating the poorly written Roving Networks users guide http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/bluetooth_cr_UG-v1.0r.pdf I am now able to get the keyboard and RN42 to pair/connect (evidenced by the constant green LED on Blue SMiRF board) however Apple key presses do not seem to transfer any data whatsoever through the RN42 to the mbed and Tera Term. Any suggestions? I know the UART link works as I can communicate with the RN42 in command mode. Does the Apple keyboard need to be initialized in some way or RN42 adaptation made?

posted by David Mort 27 Nov 2013

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Hi David, Like you I'm trying to connect a HID to ,in my case, an arduino UNO. Were you able to get it working with the bluesmurf? thanks