10 years ago.

Asking for compiler of lcp1114fn28/102

In case of making files to use compiler at first of lcp1114fn28/102, I cannot make files of main.cpp & mbed filses of pull down menu through New to New Files at first. Probably I thought I was lack of setting parameter at the compiler ,if you don’t mind tell me advice. Same situation caused in Japanese another users ,I asked for Japanese site today. I feel this device to kick start new movement of microcomputer engineering .

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10 years ago.


You are right. The LPC1114 mbed platform currently only support to create empty project and you could not get main.cpp and mbed library using this template.

[temporarily workaround]

  1. Select LPC1768 platform as a default (right top button on compiler)
  2. Select "Blinky LED Hello World" from project template
  3. Create a project
  4. Change platform to be LPC1114FN28
  5. Build the blinky project for LPC1114

I hope this helps.

Regards, Toyomasa Watarai