8 years, 2 months ago.

Don't receive IP address of a HTTP server via terminal


I have tried several HTTP server programm, e. g. http://mbed.org/users/feb11/code/HTTP-Server/ or http://mbed.org/cookbook/Interfacing-Using-RPC

I don't know how to get the IP address via the terminal. I have tried TeraTerm, but I don't receive some data.

What could be wrong?

Thank you

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Hello Flo Haase,

what do you receive ? What program did you run? Local HTTP Server? HTTPServer with EthernetInterface?

posted by Martin Kojtal 09 Nov 2013

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Flo Haase
8 years, 2 months ago.

Och sorry, I thought the tag would tell everyboby which programm I have used.

I tried this: https://mbed.org/users/feb11/code/HTTP-Server/

I didn't do any changes, but I don't receive data via the terminal.


I have changed my upper post.