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LPC812MAX is not supported in uVision, so not export ?

LPC812MAX is not supported in uVision, so not export ?

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LPC812MAX is supported by Keil. I have verified that. However it only supports Demo code from Keil/NXP in C.

Source Project

Visit LPCware.com to download latest projects for LPC812 for Keil/IAR. Yes, mbed source can not be used directly in Keil, since they are two different compilers.

Tool Setup

Using CMSIS-DAP in LPC812MAX is very easy, right click over active project to open options for Targets -> Debug -> Use CMSIS-DAP -> Settings -> SWJ Port = SW -> Flash Download -> Add -> LPC8XX IAP 16kb Flash -> OK

Board Setup (May only firmware changes)

In order to debug over LPC812MAX, switch external to internal IRC 12MHz, since the external 12MHz is disabled by default in LPC812MAX. Additionally, you can manually solder R0 on LPC812MAX to enable VCP on LPC812MAX. However, I will use D0/D1 (RX/TX) on Arduino ports. Otherwise, you can use SWM to switch to any preferred ports.

I shared my experiences on following URLs (in Chinese, you may use Google translate).

http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4680937f0101q7sh.html http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4680937f0101q7j1.html

I also shared my collections for LPC812 over Baidu Yun service. http://yun.baidu.com/s/1qW0ftOo