6 years, 10 months ago.

peripheral RAM not being used by LPCXpresso


(On LPC1768)

I have a program that uses EthernetInterface (and therefore mbed-rtos) and it compiles fine on the online compiler.

When I look at the RAM usage, it says 125% 40.1kB used and I know this is because 32kB is for general purpose and there is another 32kB reserved for the peripherals.

When I export it for code red and compile it in LPCXpresso, I get the error

control_mbed_2.axf section '.bss' will not fit in region `RamLoc32'


region 'RamLoc32' overflowed by 8552 bytes

I am assuming this is happening because it is trying to fit all of it in the general 32kB RAM.

It is strange because LPCXpresso knows it is a LPC1768 and in the settings I can see that it knows about the other RAM: http://i.cubeupload.com/9jnCKs.png

Can anybody help me solve this problem?

Thanks, Adam.

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