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Anyone have an idea why I am able to connect to a controller but the LED and Rumble on connect is not working? I am using the PS3_BlueUSB project. It seems to work fine except that it takes a few resets sometimes to get it to pass the "Searching . . ." prompt. output is attached. /media/uploads/srsmitherman/untitled.rtf

So I figured it out. But why? When you change the baud rate for the debug terminal it can cause the rumble and led set reports not to functions. set the baud rate back to 9600 and they work. I just noticed with the baud at 9600 it seems to lag and my m3pi acts slow to respond as well. I was under the impression that setting the baud rate was just for the debug terminal? Can someone please clarify.

posted by stephen smitherman 30 Dec 2012

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Sorted... bug in hci.cpp int HCI::AcceptConnection(const BD_ADDR* addr) { u8 buf[6+4]; memset(buf,0,sizeof(buf)); memcpy(buf,addr,6); buf[7] = 0; u8 buf[6+1]; memset(buf,0,sizeof(buf)); memcpy(buf,addr,6); buf[6] = 0;


int HCI::WriteScanEnable() {

u8 buf[2]; buf[0] = 0x03; buf[1] = 0x01; u8 buf[1]; buf[0] = 0x03;