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mbed Assembly?

I'm wondering - as I haven't seen any documentation on it - is it possible to write directly in Assembly for the mbed, or not because of its required files for the always-on LED, never mind the whole USB link-up?


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10 years, 3 months ago.

Short answer, yes, that is possible. Longer answer, I believe there are a few limitations, but that is regarding the online compiler (might be outdated, I haven't bothered with assembly myself on the mbed): http://mbed.org/cookbook/Assembly-Language

The mbeds are just plain microcontrollers without anything special in the code. Unlike Arduino's for example they don't have bootloaders. So you can also program them with any regular compiler without the mbed libraries if you want. At the same time you can program them on other microcontroller boards (as long of course as the microcontroller itself is compatible). The LED and Serial over USB are done by a second interface IC, so that isn't running on the microcontroller you program.

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Ah, okay, thank you! I had assumed that the M3 was running everything, and the online compiler sort of abstracted you away from worrying about the rest - plonking your code in the appropriate hole.

Thanks for clarifying!

posted by Ollie Ford 03 Nov 2013