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SPI Communication with PmodRF1 transceivers

Hi.. I'm trying to use SPI communication with PmodRF1 transceivers, but can't decide how to deal with it. PmodRF1 uses AT86RF212 transceiver and there is one example with it and master microcontroller is also Atmel. I've changed all header files from this example as mbed can understand and now when I compile it no failure seems. But my question is how to arrange the main function ?

You can check the example of PmodRF1 with Cerebot Nano here : http://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?NavPath=2,396,605&Prod=CEREBOT-NANO (At bottom, inside the support documents)

And here is the PmodRF1's informations: http://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?NavPath=2,398,1013&Prod=PMOD-RF1

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