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USB ROM Drivers on LPC11U24

Has anybody been able to get the on-chip USB drivers to work on the LPC11U24? I'm trying to add generic HID support to my project so that I can communicate with a desktop application, but the software-based USBDevice stack is going to take up a bit too much flash... I've tried using the ROM stack in LPCXpresso with mixed success; the documentation is atrocious, there's header files everywhere, any attempt to modify the examples breaks them. And then there's the random hard faults for no apparent reason... I find it kind of funny that NXP is touting their ROM stack as being super easy to use, and yet it's so stupidly complicated everybody uses a software stack anyway. Anyway, I've been trying to import the code base into the online compiler all morning, but I get a million errors and warnings when I try to build it. Any assistance would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi Neil, Would be great to see this working - perhaps you can start and publish a project with a basic example that isn't working - I'd hope we could find some other people wanting to do a similar thing and see if a little teamwork could get it working.

posted by Simon Ford 19 Oct 2013

Alright, sounds like a plan. I'll re-acquire the headers and post a project later on.

posted by Neil Thiessen 19 Oct 2013

I've moved this to a discussion in the mbed forum. You can check it out here.

posted by Neil Thiessen 21 Oct 2013