6 years, 5 months ago.

What's the current pyMite status?

I'm interested in testing pyMite and it seems mbed is the most popular platform for it. However pymite resources I found aren't recent so my question is - does pymite still runs on mbed without any bigger/more annoying problems?

And I assume that when uploading new compiled code to mbed the old one with pymite would be overriden making the microcontroller to work as usuall?

Yes, I'd like to understand that too ...

posted by Rob Dobson 28 Sep 2013

mbed is on its way so I'll check that soon the "hard way" ;)

posted by Piotr Maliński 28 Sep 2013

Thanks Piotr - please let me know how you get on

posted by Rob Dobson 11 Oct 2013

If I manage I'll post an article over the weekend. I have mbed and Arduino Mega clone so I'll be pymiting a lot ;)

posted by Piotr Maliński 11 Oct 2013
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