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Newhaven Display TFT LCD with mbed

Need help with connecting TFT LCD (NHD-2.4-240320SF-CTXI#-1) with the mbed LPC11U24,how should I approach this? Would I be right in saying this display only has a parallel interface, or am I wrong?

I have hooked up segmented displays already from using existing Libraries from the cookbook and found it very helpful but I cant seem to find one relating to this display. I just need some direction in how to proceed?

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If you want to use the LPC11U24 you also should look on the memory. If you use a graphic display, you have to store the fonts and graphics. With the LPC11U24 you easy ran out of memory. You will have to use external storage. The lib http://mbed.org/cookbook/TFT-LCD-with-HX8347 use a 16 bit interface but a different controller. You can use this code as starting point.

Accepted Answer
7 years, 2 months ago.

According to the datasheet the display uses an ILI9340. This display module can use and 8bit or 16 bit interface. Most of the LCD controllers for small displays do support serial interfaces, but often the mode selectpins are hardwired and it is impossible or very difficult to change that on a flexwire displaymodule. Look for a display with serial interface instead. It will take a lot of mbed pins to directly drive the display in parallel. The only alternative is to use a serial to parallel expander (I2C or SPI) to interface between mbed and the display.