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Writing QR Codes to a 2.7 inch E-paper Display

Hi all- So this website here below has a nice 7 step instruction guide to wiring up the 2.7 inch Embedded Artist E-paper display. http://www.embeddedartists.com/products/displays/lcd_27_epaper.php

Next thing I'd like to do is display a 'Hello World'. Haven't come across anything in the community forum or from a broader google search. If I've missed it, please point me in the right direction.

The main goal is to use a QR Generator to produce QR Codes on the display.

But for now, if anybody knows of a beginner step by step for writing/modifying text to the e-paper display output using an mbed, I'd appreciate letting know.



Have you tried the mbed demo code on the page you linked to?

posted by Stephen Paulger 27 Aug 2013
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