6 years ago.

Mbed Application Board DC Power

Hi, it is safe to power the mbed application board with a 9 v battery?


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2 Answers

6 years ago.

This is okay, as long as you connect it to the DC jack, or to VIN of the mbed NOT VOUT. The other pin of the battery can be safely connected to ground.

thanks for your answer i make the question because the DC Jack is rated 6 - 9V, and a fully charged 9v can have more voltage than 9v

posted by Ney Palma 06 Aug 2013

Yeah don't worry about that too much. The voltage regulator is able to cope with that.

posted by Matthew Else 06 Aug 2013
6 years ago.

The Vin pin on my mbed quick ref card shows the acceptable DC range as 4.5v to 14.0v so you should be good according to that.