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Export to Red Suite Disabled

I'm trying to export one of my projects to LPCXpresso (code_red Red Suite), but the option is disabled! The only options I have are Keil uVision 4, DS-5, and Zip Archive. I tried entering Beta Mode, but it was still disabled. Is there something else I have to do to enable exporting to Red Suite? Thanks! /media/uploads/neilt6/screen_capture.jpg

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Unfortunately, the LPC11U24 only supports Keil uVision4 and DS-5 as exporting toolchains. If this is a feature you'd like to see in the mbed compiler, post it either in the Bugs and Suggestions section of the forum. Depending on the development board, you could just use Keil uVision4, as the actual mbed code that you write is identical whether you write it in Code Red using the mbed SDK or using uVision and the mbed SDK. If you're using an LPCXpresso, it is still possible to program it using the LPCLink part of the board and uVision, however it requires a bit of fiddling. For that, guides are available online. Alternatively, if you are using an mbed LPC11U24, you could download a light version of Keil uVision from Keil's website, and the project should automatically target your mbed as a debug target, so you should be able to just program it from there :)

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That's disappointing to hear. My product will use either an LPC11U35 with 64KB of flash, or an LPC11U37 with 128KB, so the free edition of uVision 4 won't work for me. I may have to try DS-5 Community Edition. Assuming it has a >32KB limit. I'm currently prototyping with an Embedded Artists LPC11U35 QuickStart Board, and an LPC11U14 LPCXpresso board with an LPC11U37 doctored onto it.

posted by Neil Thiessen 03 Aug 2013