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interfacing rtc to the f28069

HI, I am using piccolo F28069 controller in my system. it does not contain internal RTC in it. so i have to use external RTC for displaying time. is it possible to interface external RTC? if it is possible please suggest me the suitable RTC IC and send me sample code for that.

That is a Texas Instruments product. It makes sense to ask for help on the TI forums instead of the mbed forums.

posted by Erik - 30 Jul 2013

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7 years, 6 months ago.

DS1307, from maxim, Farnell

is always popular, I2C interface, and requires a 32Khz crystal.

There are lotts more in Farnell etc.

But if you are using LPC1768 (not the LPC11U24) then there is a real time clock inside it !!

Hope that helps.