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I'm new to mbed. how are these microcontrollers being used? Can you list some applications?

I'm interested in the types of applications for the NXP LC1768 micro controller.

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6 years ago.

Hello Jerome, look at and you can find other examples on this page - Cookbook.

6 years ago.

Hey Jerome,

Welcome to!

I'm not sure whether you mean this class of microcontoller or the mbed enabled platforms themselves. I'll try to answer broadly.

The microcontrollers on mbed enabled platforms are ARM Cortex-M (wikipedia, Cortex-M microcontrollers are used in a huge range of products such as automotive applications, white goods such as washing machines, gaming and the list goes on. There are a huge range of Cortex-M devices made to suit a variety of uses for example Freescale's tiny KL02 (article on

The specific microcontrollers found on mbed enabled platforms are currently the LPC1768 and LPC11U24 from NXP and the KL25Z from Freescale. As Martin mentioned the Projects section of the cookbook has a few examples of what people have done with their mbeds. Mbed based prototypes are often featured on hackaday too.

What are you hoping to use your mbed for?

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