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how to know if the vodafone modem connection is 3G

Hi guys I was wondering how is it possible to know by code if the vodafone modem is connected on 3G or GPRS. I know the light on the modem already indicates this, but I was wondering if there's some kind of function that provides this information. Thanks

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The Vodafone USB Modem library has a function getLinkState


Accepted Answer

Yes but I don't understand the parameters of the function.

posted by David Fofana 25 Jul 2013

Sorry, I should have posted a link to the LinkMonitor::BEARER too. Glad you worked it out though :)

posted by Stephen Paulger 25 Jul 2013
6 years, 7 months ago.

nvm. I understand the function now. I'll just put this as a reference for others who have a problem. The information lies in the arguments that you pass as they are pointers. The LinkMonitor::BEARER variable does the job