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Continuously send and receive data vodafone USB Modem

Hi. I'm trying to write a simple program to send and receive data from the vodafone dongle using HTTP requests. I tried modifying the Hello world HTTP client test example code provided in http://mbed.org/cookbook/VodafoneUSBModem but I have a few issues. I tried running the program continuously by terminating the previous thread and re-creating a new one but I get the blue lights of death on the second try /media/uploads/df611/httptest1.cpp Then I tried running an infinite loop in the thread while the main function just waits but I also get the blue lights of death. It works only when I declare the modem once in the thread and run the rest in a while loop as show below /media/uploads/df611/httpclienttest2.cpp . Now I have two questions: - Why terminating a thread in this program causes problems? - Why must the modem only be declared once? What's so special about this variable? Why can't it not be declared and removed like the rest?

You example code isn't found. You can put code into your question by enclosing it in <<code>> tags.

posted by Stephen Paulger 15 Jul 2013
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