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Using RS-485?


I should establish a test connection. With the RS-485 port on the testbed for mbed I should receive and spend something on the terminal.

How do I do that? Must it not as another device what ever once sent something which can be received? Or can I also simulate it with the mbed?

How should the jumpers be set to? I should turn off the speaker jumper and turn on the RS-485 jumper. Does that mean if it is on, the "plastic thing" :D on both rods or just on one?

(It will ultimately serve a serial communication between two interlockings produce for trains, to document all actions they take place)

(Sorry for my bad english) :)

Please help me :) (I ask my question in the forum, but I hope here I got an answer faster :D)

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9 years, 7 months ago.

Hi Franziska,

please feel free to contact us at support@elmicro.com (gerne auch in deutsch!). We're sure we can help you with your project.

Best regards, Stefan.

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9 years, 7 months ago.


You talk about using jumpers and connection with the RS485 - what board are you using?


The problem has been solved, but thanks. :) (I'm using the testbed board from Elektronikladen)

posted by Franziska Gerlich 22 Oct 2012