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Anyone use the Arduino Wireless Shield with the FRDM board?

I have been stumbling in the dark on this and I know it's something dumb I've overlooked.... but it's been days and my mind is numb.. I cannot seem to get the FRDM board to communicate properly with the wifly module on the Arduino Wireless Shield stacked on the FRDM board.. It talks through serial, I can switch the board to USB mode and type $$$ and enter command mode manually, etc.. but when I switch it to Micro mode and try to have the FRDM send it commands, nothing seems to work... I see the commands being sent, I see the rx and tx blinking, the status light on the wifly changes, but the wifly doesn't respond to any command and refuses to do anything...

Anyone have some insight into what I'm overlooking? I am pretty experienced with the mbed, etc.. but have never spent any time with arduinos... ANY help is appreciated... :)