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Can upload the binary to mbed, but can't program the lpc1768

Bin files built with mbed online compiler had been successfully uploaded before I uploaded a bin file compiled with uVision, this program has been uploaded successfully and after that works well,

but the problem is - when I try to upload any binary (compiled with uVision or mbed online compiler) after that - I can store it into mbed board, I can see the leds flashing after the reset button has pressed due a normal programming process, BUT I can't see any changes I've done into the IDE (uVision or mbed). I can see my first program compiled with uVision and uploaded into mbed works, but not the next programs that I uploaded after that.

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As you can still copy files to the flash disk, itsounds like there is something about the last binary program you uploaded that is preventing the mbed on-board programmer from uploading any new binaries to the LPC1768.

Without knowing more about you program was doing it is hard to say, but possible causes are :

- The last binary had the "code read protection" bits set, which prevents the on-board programmer from accessing the flash memory on the LPC1768. If this is the case

- Something in your program code is rendering the LPC1768 unresponsive. An example of this could be the program changing the PLL and/or clock settings of the LPC1768 so that the Debug Access Port (DAP) no longer responds to the on-board programmer.

I'd recommend trying the techniques outlined here :

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Chris

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