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What is the writing speed on local storage of MBED LPC11U24 in bytes/sec?

Considering the mbed LPC11U24 micro-controller :-

1. What is the writing speed of fprintf() function on local storage in bytes/sec?

2. What time it takes from fopen() to fclose() with reference to your LocalFileSystem_HelloWorld - main.cpp program?

3. Is there any other delay in opening, writing and closing the file?

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7 years, 7 months ago.

I've been getting around 2200 bps reading from the LFS. not exactly what your after but what is everyone else experience here?

update: I wrote a test program that writes 252 bytes to a file in 3.852 seconds. Still not blazing fast but faster than your 10 bytes/sec.

Thank you. But I want to know the writing speed which is very low in my case. Approximately 10bytes/sec.

posted by Pravin Phule 25 Jul 2013

I would like to see your test program that writes 252 bytes to a file in 3.852 seconds on LocalFileStorage. Which Mbed device you are using for this test program.

posted by Pravin Phule 16 Apr 2014