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mbed with the application board is not working

I compiled the hello world with LCD downloaded it , pasted it to the mbed drive, I could see in downloading I then pressed the reset It blinked a couple of times was off a short time then back on, nothing else happened. I think it should have said Hello World on the LCD ??

If you are using LPC11U24, please refer to following thread.

posted by Yoshi Mimura 04 Jun 2013

glad you pointed that out. I thought I had ordered the LPC1768 board. The LPC11U24 is working with the correct code. now to recheck my order

posted by James Cullins 04 Jun 2013
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6 years, 1 month ago.

Yes the background lighting does come one when I connect the USB cable. I have not tried other programs. I am very much a newbe and was not sure if I had it right. Do you have a recommendation as to which one to try?

Could you link which program you used? Because if I check the application board page ( the helloworld programs of the LCD display do not write "Hello world", so if you expected that I wonder if you maybe used another program, for example one which prints it over the USB connection.

This program should at least write to the LCD:

posted by Erik Olieman 04 Jun 2013

Thank you very much for your help. I did try the hello world that blinks the LED and it worked. Maybe I am using the wrong program for the LCD on the board. I will try the this links. I am sure the hardware is fine. It is my lack of experience. Thanks

posted by James Cullins 04 Jun 2013

Thanks Erik, It worked fine.

posted by James Cullins 04 Jun 2013
6 years, 1 month ago.

What does it do? Do other programs work? Does the background lighting ot the display work?