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writing image in flash

Can i write a decompressed image in the flash memory of nxp1768 (after decompressing an already clicked image)....

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Yes. Can you describe in a bit more detail what you want to do? I can help you better then.

Ok.. fine...Btw,Thanks for the reply :) Actually, currently we are trying to click a picture (Using LS_Y201) and decoding it with the picojpeg. But the problem is, the decompressed image size is too large( Expected ! ) to be written on the RAM. So, we are using the Local FIlesystem to write it to. But the problem, is after the whole decoding process,we just got a small file(22 Bytes) with some data..(Expected Image SIze-Decompressed= 150 kB). One important point, we are using fseek(),and ftell() functions extensively. Now, we have two questions: 1)Will this(use of fseek() and ftell()) lead to a probelm ? If yes, what's the solution ? 2) The decoding process is taking a lot of time, (20 mins approx), we don't want to wait that long.. What can we do to speed up the process ? If we can change the speed of LPC 1768 , how to do it ? Please reply.. Thanks in Advance :)

posted by Arijit Souradeep 03 Jun 2013